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Cottage Rental Leads to Cottage Purchase

The notion of a cottage purchase or second home lifestyle change often evolves from a cottage rental, or visiting a friends cottage on a long weekend or week long vacation. Regardless of the resort or cottage geographic destination, the idea of trying-out one of Ontario’s classic cottages chalets or cabins, or a new fractional ownership in cottage country is often accomplished with a cottage rental. See Types of Cottages for links to more than 100 possible cottage country experiences.

Many private cottage rentals are available in cottage country and the new trends have incorporated terms such as condo cottage rental, fractional cottages, cottage quarter share, cottage condos, cottage chalets, cottage time share and more.

Waterfront Lakeside Cottages

A dock, a boat and a real wood burning fireplace create the idyllic atmosphere for many cottage rentals, as well as purchases. There are as many cottage rentals as there are lakes, rivers, and Ontario cottage destinations. Check our list of options tied directly to the many thousand Ontario Lakes and Waterways.

Cottage country Stories

Summer Cottage or Summer Home
March 25, 2011 Jennifer Wilson
Cottage season will soon kick into high gear, and as families head up to the lake to open up their summer homes they’ll also be shedding light on some outdated decor.
“The cottage becomes the dumping ground for all these things they don’t want in their city homes,” says Karen Sealy, host of Summer Home, airing this summer on HGTV television. 400ELEVEN Publisher Note: A cottage country destination is becoming an obsession with many contemplating retirement.  Don’t let your first impression of the cottage or summer home influence your buying decision without reading this short article. The purchase of a cottage or summer home can be turned into that casual but comfortable retirement lifestyle.

The Shield As Cottage Country
(The Ontario Visual Heritage Project)
Previously showing on TVO. The films examine Muskoka, Greater Sudbury, West Parry Sound and Manitoulin Island. Using re-enactments, archival film and photographs, and interviews with historians and local experts, the series offers a glimpse into some informative and entertaining chapters in Ontario’s history relating the evolution and growth of Tourism in the Canadian Shield.

Upside to Investing in a Cottage Now!

High Living up in Ontario ski country. Collingwood Real estate continues to be a good buy, Toronto Star‎ – 
A few years ago, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in material and sweat equity on a ski country reno would have been considered …it comes as no surprise to custom builder Richard Wilson that there has been increased interest in high-end homes in ski country as he has seen a growing demand for new homes. More information on Collingwood Ontario

Cottage Life Reports on Real Estate Trends in Cottage Country
October 2011. 6 real estate trends Cottage real estate is changing: High-end cottage prices are dropping, fewer Americans are buying, and more cottagers are active in community development. Learn about 6 trends that will affect who’s buying the cottage next door.

Cottage living 2.0: Don’t leave your style at home – The Globe and …
For many Canadians, spending the weekend at their ‘summer places’ used to involve roughing it in ramshackle lakeside retreats.

Andy Holloway, Financial Post Magazine · Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010
Financial Post… area near Georgian Bay, where cottages can still be found for about $220000, up from $180000 two years ago, but affordable compared to nearby Muskoka. See Complete cottage story

The Ontario Travel North publisher says “there are more options now then ever to purchase cottage county real estate, through fractional ownership and/or time share cottages.”  Stay at a cottage resort property in the Parry SoundGeorgian Bay area to get a feel for the cottage experience before buying.  Fall is a good time for a road trip for the fall colours and cottage viewing.

Researcher Looks at Dreams of Cottage Ownership Canada
“At its best, a cottage gives us a connection with our pioneering past, a reason to escape the superficiality of city life and a place for families … who has spent years dissecting the Ontario dream of cottage ownership. See complete cottage story and for more on Cottage Living in Canada and the various options of ownership

Timing the ‘sweet spot’ for a cottage – The Globe and Mail
20 Aug 2010 … If Pam and Albert wait too long to buy a cottage, … Pam and Albert’s dream of buying a cottage in the next few years is also “very …

Is a cottage a good investment? – The Globe and Mail
20 Aug 2009 … Most people who buy a cottage don’t plan to sell it five years later, she said. Instead, they want to use it a family vacation …

Cozying up to cottage country retreat
Calgary Herald
The Muskoka region, a two-hour drive north of Toronto, is liberally dotted with small, quiet, and accessible lakes that have long been an escape destination. More tourist information on Muskoka

Getting ready for the coming retirement – The Globe and Mail
19 Apr 2010 … From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Published on Friday, May. …. The Plan: Sell the home, move to the country home, pay off debt, take Canada Pension Plan early, … Not if the generals can be useful Saturday, May. 22, 2010. Cottage succession: Avoiding the bites and burns … Try a cottage vacation first, see Private Cottage Rentals

Momma bear Georgian Bay development’s first resident –
19 May 2010 … SPECIAL TO THE STAR. Related Amacon’s sibling rivalry … The clubhouse decor will reflect its Georgian Bay surroundings. … construction lumber, doors, staircases and windows to new home builders in the Toronto area. …–momma-bear-georgian-bay-development-s-first-resident –

Cottage industry on rebound in Ontario
“The sun is out, and that’s half the battle, because buying a cottage is such … If the Lake Simcoe property is sold as a fractional ownership, a pool, home theatre, …

A lake retreat, Canadian style, in Ontario
“It may not be in the Sunbelt, but for us, Midland is the perfect getaway any time of year.” Do you have a second-home story you would like to share? …

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