Climbing to New Heights in the Haliburton Highlands

Do you want to take on winter?  Show it who’s boss and perhaps own just a little tiny piece of it?  Of course you do.

Then you have to try the ultimate winter experience – ice climbing, where with axes in hand and crampons on foot, you scale a wall of ice.

You may be wondering ‘where can I experience such a feat of winter dominance’?  Lucky for us, right in our own backyard.  In the Haliburton Highlands, Your Outdoors offers guided ice climbing experiences.  They take winter enthusiasts of all sorts and offer an exhilarating introduction to ice climbing.

They supply you with all the necessary gear needed to scale a 15-metre wall of ice as well as the training on how to use it.  In fact, the staff go above and beyond when it comes to helping and motivating climbers. They continually provide ways to improve your climbing technique and words of encouragement when you got it spot on.  After my first ascent to the top I felt like a seasoned pro.

So, although it may sound wildly dangerous and difficult, when done with the right gear and under the right direction it is surprisingly safe and accessible.  Even darn right fun and gratifying.

Word of warning though.  Once you try it, you may have the urge to keep on climbing to reach new heights.