Don’t Visit Up North in Autumn

It’s fall up north (actually everywhere in the northern hemisphere) and you may get that yearning to get in your car and travel up north for a day trip or weekend getaway.  Well, don’t! Unless this is what you want to experience. 😉

Fall Road

Distracting fall colours

If you dare to travel up north in the fall be prepared to be distracted by the ostentatious fall colours.  The golden yellows, intense oranges and vibrant reds . You may also find yourself stopping frequently to take photographic evidence of this unbelievable natural display.

Not enough people

With school back and many cottagers back in the routine of work and home life, you might find cottage country a little too quiet in autumn.  There won’t be lines to wait in or anyone to share the trails or dock with you.  Lonely sounding isn’t it.

Not enough bugs

Experiencing the wildlife is a popular reason for going up north. Well here’s our word of warning.  You won’t see any bugs, or not enough to make the trip worth while.  So leave your bug hats at home and wait till spring.

Fall weather

Imagine hiking the trails up north in a mediocre 18 degrees, compared to steamy 28.  You won’t get that damp glow or dry mouth (because you ran out of water in the first 20 minutes).  You may also have to be confronted by those obnoxious fall colours again, ugh.

Food trails and fall harvests

Yup there goes your pre-christmas diet.  There are apple trails, pumpkin flavoured everything and pies galore.  Oh and corn roasts. We could go on, but you get the idea.  Just don’t do it.


Fall LeavesIf you want to make sure you miss the fall colours check our fall colour report.


The sage words of advice from Laura of  Happy travels.


Just look and see what we saved you from.  You’re welcome.