WaterSpa Bliss in Haliburton Highlands

Pssst, we found it, WaterSpa bliss is in the woods of the Haliburton Highlands.

With a stunning view of Eagle Lake, Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is a very special place to visit. Steeped in history, the 100 year old inn is as beautiful as you can get.

Sir Sam's Inn Water Spa - Entrance

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa – Entrance

From http://sirsamsinn.com/our-story/ :

“Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa was once the Haliburton estate of Sir Samuel Hughes, the decorated government minister who led Canada’s Military through the first World War. The 10-bedroom stone and timber mansion he built along Eagle Lake’s shoreline uniquely combined his desire for civilized comforts with his respect for nature’s own bold architecture. That mutual respect continues today. While we’ve added 16 lakeside accommodations and the WaterSpa, a conference wing and many other amenities, nature remains the guest of honour”.

Sir Sam's Inn Water Spa - Lounge

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa – Lounge

With comfortable water view rooms, the inn is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, a self pampering re-charge or a getaway with your girlfriends. With plenty of great restaurants and other activities nearby, you can do as much or as little as you please.

Sir Sam's Inn - Water View Rooms

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa – Water View Rooms


Even in the winter, the spa at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa delivers. The day I attended was a grey cold day in April. I got there too late to enjoy any spa treatments (it was a work trip anyways, and I had a mountain of work waiting for me in my room) but luckily for me, I got to enjoy the water spa to myself for a couple of hours. Additional to spa treatments, the water spa is a place where you can relax, treat and seek therapy for your body and your mind.

Sir Sam's Inn Water Spa - Pool (no jets on)

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa – Pool (no jets on)

The large salt water warm pool has different treatment areas for different areas of the body that are controlled by you. This complete body relaxation is serene, peaceful and like no other experience.

Sir Sam's Inn & Water Spa - Eagle Lake View

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa – Eagle Lake & Haliburton Highlands View

Even though it’s spring, the winter views from large glass doors and windows helped calm the mind and made the large open space feel outdoors, even though winter was being stubborn that day (it was mid April and snowing).

Sir Sam's Inn & Water Spa

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa

The inn is more accessible than you think. For reference, it is about 3 hours driving distance from Toronto.

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