Spring Fly & Dine in Ontario

Fun Ontario Travel Opportunity

It was not a typical Monday. It started out as pretty usual, the intended plans were laid and well intended – work, office time…you know, the hustle and grind.

But then, the email came in. A neighbour of mine who is retired and owns his own airplane dropped me an email,

“I’m going flying, want to come”? The answer is always Yes.

The flight plan was decided, we chose to head to Orillia Rama Airport, have lunch and head back to Midland. By road, the drive is about 45 minutes straight across Ontario highway 12, but today, by air it was half of that.

Aerial image of winter in Ontario near Midland Ontario

Ontario by air – en route Midland > Orillia

While it was a cold day, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was a gorgeous day for such a treat. I’m happy to share with you some images from the adventure.

Click on the images below to take a scroll through the image gallery. Do you recognize any popular seasonal attractions opening soon?



Here are a few links to the areas we visited and if you’re looking to book a fun little outing by air, I’ve included a referral for that too! But with a real company who specializes in tourist travel based in Parry Sound, not my friend.

I want to learn more about Midland I want to learn more about Ontario's Lake Country I want to book a flight somewhere


If flying is not your thing, and you feel inspired to road trip in Ontario this spring, check out the Spring Getaways page, you’ll find lots of ideas for day trips, getaways and things to do, or not do, because nothing to do is ok too.

Ontario Spring Getaways

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