Things To Do Up North Ontario This May

Spring Activities Make Weekends Fun

All over Ontario, areas north of Toronto are preparing for the non-winter season.
At the end of the day, is that not how we defer the seasons in Ontario? Winter and non-winter?

No matter. The official unofficial start of summer is in May with the very first long weekend of the season – and it’s time to celebrate! Victoria Day weekend, you can go for a short road trip or a long one it’s up you. The trees will be budding and spring flowers will be on their way and the nightly smell of campfires on the wind will begin.

Come the first of May, the buzz of work up here gets louder and can be felt as Ontario tourism ‘showtime’ begins. Seasonal resorts, attractions, events and festivals are all in the final days of preparation as the small towns and cities clean up and prepare for the influx of Ontario’s cottagers, day trippers and getaway travelers to some of the most beautiful destinations in the province.

We’ve listed a few suggestions of what’s happening in May to help you find things to do. We encourage you to further check out website and see what else you can do up north in Ontario, near or far north from the city of Toronto.

Event Highlights

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A great event is just the beginning to planning a fun day trip or getaway north in Ontario. Here are a few you might want to check out and a link back to the events calendar to find more.

Springlicious @ Blue Mountain Village
It’s a dining tour de force! Enjoy breakfast and lunch specials from $15 and $30 dinner specials at ten amazing restaurants in the Village! Ends May 17th.

Pony Trekking @ Abbey Gardens
Enjoy all that Abbey Gardens has to offer on these one of a kind, guided hikes. The ponies encourage you to view the beautiful natural surroundings from a completely different perspective. Lead one a ponies by foot, or simply walk beside. Every Friday at noon from April to October.

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Getaway Highlights and Last Minute Features

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Did you know has over 150 advertisers north of Toronto on this site? Every couple of weeks we compile and list some of the hottest content visitors are looking at and we make a list on our last minute getaways page. Here you’ll find our most popular events, getaways and day trips to give you inspiration about things you can do.

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Moose Watching in Algonquin Park & Hiking 

Moose in Ontario Lake
Is there anything more Canadian than a moose sighting? People travel from all over the world to Canada to see a moose. This is the season to do it and to do it safely, a guide is a way to go. Keep yourselves safe by taking actions that keep all parties safe, including the wildlfe. There are several outfitters, day trippers and accommodations that offer the activity and some insider tips! Travelling Chicken is one operator that includes transportation from the city of Toronto.  It is also an option to hike and see all kinds of budding greens and emerging wildlife at this time of year. You can hike with Travelling Chicken or on your own, there are wonderful trails all over for all levels and hikers.

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Mother’s Day

Spring Crocus - OntarioFind brunches, spa packages and other fun activities to do with mom or send Mom out to do up north in Ontario. Trust us, Mom will be happy with time with you or even some time alone, why not add a little adventure to that and check out a new area or community near or far from you in Ontario. There are great meal deals, spa packages and neat activity ideas for you to choose from.

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Victoria Day & Long Weekend to Kick Off Summer

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Hello Long Weekend! May 2-4 in Ontario is the weekend where summer mentality starts to creep in. Campfires, camping, boating and outdoor activities are a lot more fun now that the weather is finally warm enough.

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