Spring Fishing 2019 at Deluxe Camp

Look Out Ontario!

2019 Summer Fishing Will Be Great

Spring Fishing 2019 at Deluxe Camp on Lake Nipissing

It’s officially fishing season up north Ontario. This spring, not unlike other years, water and flooding was a huge issue for many people and businesses. Not all areas were affected the same, many resorts continued to operate business as usual. Those anglers who chose adventure and experience were not disappointed.

Next spring if you’re looking to fish, we suggest contacting resorts directly asking about the situation. We heard from too many of our advertisers that people were shying away from spring travel due to the media reports of severe flooding, which did not occur for everyone.

Deluxe Camp located in Lavigne, Northern Ontarioon the shores of Lake Nipissing recently shared with us a few pictures of their guests with their catches, mostly pickerel, aka walleye. Which as you may or may not, is one of the tastiest fish you can catch.


If spring catches are any indicator as to what summer is going to be like, then it’s time to book a fishing getaway or day trip today to get out on the fresh waters of up north Ontario. You know the season goes by in a jiffy!

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 Open May 17th, Victoria Day weekend – October 14th, Thanksgiving.

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We also send a friendly reminder to respect the Ontario fishing rules and regulations at all times.

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