Severn Lodge Featured in Eastern Hotelier Magazine

80 Years of Family History

The Breckbill family discusses their 80 year long history of owning Severn Lodge. The Eastern Hotelier magazine article details the Breckbill’s family history of owning the Resort, sharing personal stories from the past as well as future plans.

” It all started innocently enough but Bill Breckbill didn’t know that his decision to work summers at a lodge would be the start of a life-long love affair. The Severn Lodge location dates back to the mid 1800s when the main lodge building served as one of the headquarters for the Georgian Bay Lumber Company. When the logging era ended in the 1870s the property was purchased and named the Mordolphton Camp. The camp was situated in the midst of Ontario’s Muskoka and the spectacular geography was an attraction along with the fine Muskoka fishing. “

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Severn Lodge article in Eastern Hotelier Magazine


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