Winter is for the Birds

Winter 2020 Events For Bird Lovers

Although Ontario winters may appear quiet and at times, lifeless with many of our wildlife hibernating or migrating south for the winter, there is in fact a flurry of activity happening in the fields and forests with our winter-resident birds.

Chickadees on binoculars

Learn more about the birds found throughout Ontario all winter long during one of Wye Marsh’s bird centred experiences this winter.

Learn more about the birds that come to your feeder or how to spot a  red-tailed hawk from a rough-legged hawk.

You can also get the kids involved and discover how they can become a citizen scientist. You may just discover you new favourite winter activity.


January 4th, 2020

The Christmas Bird Count for Kids is a fun winter birdwatching event for kids and families. Join us to learn about birds, connect with young naturalists, and become a Citizen Scientist!

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January 12, 2020

Winter is the best time of year for raptor watchers! Join Tom Goldsmith who will provide you with the skills to confidently identify raptors commonly found throughout central Ontario during the winter.

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Raptor Review at Wye Marsh



January 26, 2020

The Winter Finch Workshop will include insights into identification of all Ontario finches, how best to attract finches to your backyard (feeders/feed), a look into yearly and lifetime cycles that finches follow, and an interpretive hike to observe finches.

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February 22, 2020

This workshop will introduce the budding birder to the basics of bird watching, from how to use binoculars and understanding the details of a bird identification book, to learning bird calls and other identification skills. No experience is needed!

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More about Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre

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Be sure to come early to hike the trails and feed the chickadees and visit the Trumpeter Swans that call Wye Marsh home for the winter.

For more first hand bird experiences, stop by the birds of prey area to visit Wodin, the snowy owl and his friends.