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There’s nothing sweet about the COVID-19 Coronavirus taking away our social lives AND our usual spring maple celebrations. By this time of year we’re riding that sweet maple sugar buzz of weekend festivals, attending at least one by now, and enjoying all that there is to enjoy as a result of boiling maple tree sap, and being done with winter.

Each spring maple producers of Ontario produce some of the most pure and delicious syrup (and other maple products) in North America, we are globally renown in fact. As a Canadian who travels abroad, pure organic maple syrup is always my go-to gift. We all know Ontario has the ‘good stuff’, actually, the best stuff.

One of my simplest pleasures is maple butter on a warm piece of toast, oh – and I may do ‘shots’ of ‘straight’ syrup from time to time. What’s even better is that it comes naturally and guilt-free. It is high in antioxidants and offers helpful nutrients like riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

How You Can Support Ontario Maple Producers

Maple producers are challenged and taking a big loss not being able to sell at events and festivals this year. Summer markets might happen but until then, those who truly appreciate maple every spring are missing a certain sweet 2020 bottle on their table.

If this is you and if you need Ontario syrup on your table while self isolating, a little vitamin M (see above) as I call it, here are places where you can order it online and have it delivered to your home.

Waffles & Maple Syrup

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1. Fulton’s Pancake House & Sugar Bush
Location: Pakenham

Online Products: maple syrup, maple candies, bath & body products, gift baskets, jams, beverages and art

Make Sure you Check Out: The full page ONE INGREDIENT products (!!) 10+ items for sale with just that one delicious sticky ingredient


2. Wheelers Maple Syrup
Location: McDonalds Corners

Online Products: maple syrup, maple sugar candy, onesies, gift certificates

Make Sure you Check Out: The most adorable red onesies that say “Sweet as Wheeler’s Maple Syrup” for the baby in your life, or someone else’s


3. Maple Orchard Farms
Location: Bracebridge

Online Products: maple syrup, cookies, chocolates, baskets, maple butter, maple sugar

Make Sure You Check Out: Maple box snack crates and gift boxes that include but are not limited to maple rock candy, maple brittle, maple roasted peanuts – you should also check out the maple pops while you’re there!

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4. Pefferlaw Creek Farms
Location: Uxbridge

Online Products: Maple Syrup, maple butter – retail and wholesale

Make Sure You Check Out: The creamy smooth maple butter, always check out the maple butter

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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Drink That Vitamin M(aple)

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Ontario Maple Syrup