Mysterious Shoe Trees

The mystery and attraction of the Shoe Tree when it suddenly appears on your favorite road trip should never be passed by without slowing down and taking a glance.

What goes through an Ontario travelers mind?

Watch for shoe trees this fall during your fall colours drive, but if you dare to participate in this extreme level sport of placing your shoes, or even starting a shoe tree attraction from scratch, there are rules.

If you know the location, please tell us and you will win a pair of old shoes to place on this shoe tree.

Rule 1: Never use nails on a tree. Preferably Pick a tree that is on its last branches or stumps.

Rule 2: Tie shoes together and throw towards the higher branches, or place gently over a branch or notch.

Rule 3: Knock a pair of shoes off a shoe tree and you will be cursed. The shoes probably hold the spirit Manitou of their previous owners, and disturbing them, even accidentally, is a heinous sacrilege. (taken from roadside America)

Rule 4: Shoe trees can be dangerous. Watch for Hornets nests.