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An Ontario museum visit will enhance your vacation experience and provide you with a sense of pride and enthusiasm about Ontario’s historic and cultural activities in resort destinations north of Toronto. Museums exist across the province and give a detailed history of the Province of Ontario. Canada’s Military Museums give a historic perspective related to the growth of Canada. May is Museum month in Ontario, with May 18 as International Museum Day.

Ontario’s cultural and historic significance begins in rural settings throughout the province.  Many resort and lakeside destinations were first to develop as the only mode of transportation was the canoe or kayak.  Spring fever and a desire for a canoe or kayak getaway is deeply rooted int the Canadian psyche.  Corduroy roads followed usually for Military reasons going back to the early protection and the War of 1812. See Ontario Military Museums.

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Huronia Museum

Huronia Museum is located in Midland, Ontario, Canada. It features a replica of a “pre-contact” Huron/Ouendat village, including a lookout tower, wigwam and a full-size longhouse.

The museum also features an exhibit gallery featuring tens of thousands of historic artifacts ranging from photographs, native archaeology and art by members of the Group of Seven, and others.

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549 Little Lake Park Drive
Midland, ON  L4R 4P4


(705) 526-7838


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