Golfing in the Highlands

Golfing In the Highlands-watching Tom Watson make Golf History

Golfing in the Haliburton Highlands might be the closest I will ever get to Scotland’s Highlands, Turnberry or St. Andrews.  Golfing in Haliburton during the 2009 British Open gave one new hope for a 60 plus guy.  On vacation I hit the links on two days as I was reading the Downhill Lie, by Carl Hiaasen, the “hackers return to a ruinous sport”.  As a once a week golfer, the combination of watching Watson, reading about hackers, and walking 27 holes completed the total experiential golf travel vacation.  All events managed to nudge the memory gene with images of grip, stance, follow through and the premonition I may start golfing more.

Watson’s win also bodes well for the golf course owners who may want to rethink their marketing approach to the aging golf set.  Inspired by Tom Watson, I think I actually improved my game, and now it is time to trim the 200 lb. Frame back to the fit 160 like Tom Watson.  I can’t help but be inspired by this remarkable performance at 59 in the 2009 Open.

Many of the comments reflecting the win include the following from Lorne Rubinstein in the Globe and Mail, ‘Answer me honestly, especially if you are over 50.  Do you not want to get out on the course?  Immediately?  Of course you do.  To Tom Watson, thank you.”

Dave Perkins writes in the Toronto Star, “Old Tom Watson will live on…..What the 59-year old did here this past week will become a part of golf—even sporting—lore, an inspiration to anyone who ever thinks, “I’m too old to beat these kids.”

Garth Woolsey, in the Star said, “Too old to boogie, but not to bogey.  Old sets of clubs in garages and basements and storage lockers are being dusted off, wrist cocks practiced.  Golf really is a game for a lifetime.”

So far this week, in Haliburton Canada, I have experienced the delight of 1 birdie, 3 pars, over 27 holes at two courses, and managed a 45 on my last nine.  Pinestone Golf Resort, and the Highlands golf club, are both close to the village of Haliburton Ontario Canada.  Besides the spectacular views, of hills ponds and lakes, the course offered up browsing deer, within a 10 yard pitching wedge, and voracious ravens steeling snacks off of your golf cart.  Where were you when Tom Watson made golf history?

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