Dog Sledding Weekends

The great winter adventure in Ontario includes going to a dog sled race and becoming a musher of your own team.

A number of Ontario resorts offer dog sledding packages, and there are many races taking place throughout the winter months organized by the Ontario Federation of Sledding Sports. Check out the dates for upcoming races.

Below is the publishers experience at the Haliburton Highlands Dog Sled Derby.

“As soon as we got out of the car, an air of excitement was evident with yapping and yipping emanating from the hill above… the parking lot for the dog sled racers and their dogs. Even as the dogs were resting, not running, their anticipation level and pacing anxiety was building as the race time got closer. Most were on chains attached close to their kennels. The exception was a group of well behaved

pure bred huskies with heads sticking out of the straw laden kennels. The most anxious were the mixed breed Alaskans, with a look that was anything but Huskie. The Alaskans are the sprinters with a look of a smaller long legged greyhound bred to race in cold weather at the fastest speeds possible. When chatting with the racers, the cross breeds that are the fastest include the genes of German Short Haired Pointers who can match stamina with speed. There was not a lot of long hair to warm this breed. This may explain why they run so fast…to get back to their kennel to warm up. The hard sledders that go for distance are the Huskies, broad built with long legs and longer hair.”

Some of the racers were there for the fun, many for the win. With the price of prize dogs going for up to $3,000. they are serious and really want the win and the bulk of the $15, prize money at the richest sprint race in Ontario.

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