Best Locations to Kiss

Visitors to Ontario Resort destinations in cottage country tell about the best Ontario locations to “steal a kiss”.  A variety of answers about romantic destinations, resorts, inns, towns and cities. Romantic locations include a lake, a bridge, and a hockey game (very Canadian) and scenic views over a valley.


Romantic Ontario Locations

Romantic destinations picked include Algonquin Park, Berford, Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, Huntsville, Blue Mountain, Hagar, Britt

Best locations to Kiss

“A nice walk or hike at sunset with a view over the valley” Ontario’s Valleys

“Sitting quietly overlooking a lake or scenic vista establishes a wonderful mood” Ontario lakes

“My favourite romantic location is my cottage on Rowntree Beach in Tiny Township-(Georgian Bay)”

“On the bridge at Trent University overlooking the river (Peterborough)”

“We have four boys, so our favourite place to steal a kiss is in the kitchen (usually when the dishes are dirty). Our boys try to stay out of there as much as possible!!!!”

“Couples Resort, and Algonquin Park

“Berford Lake, Ontario”

“on the beach at the Pinery campground…late Sept with a beautiful sun setting right behind us…we were fortunate enought to get a couple that were walking the beach to take our picture and the sun was right between our heads as we kissed…it was beautiful and so romantic and it was our first time walking the beach as a couple and we are more in love now…then ever!!

“anywhere cozy and quiet with candles, good wine and good food “

“Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto) – he stole a kiss after we sat down on the bench after laughing so much at how bad of a skater he is.”

Blue Mountain – Chair Lift Great Place to Kiss”

“anywhere cozy and quiet with candles, good wine and good food”

“Beside my boyfriend, in any location!”

“Little Britt Inn, Britt Ontario”

“on the beach watching the sunset”

“Red Rooster Bed & Breakfast Manitoulin Island

“after a romantic dinner”

“Pine Falls Lodge. Hagar Ontario”

“Hockey Game”



Romantic Getaways in Ontario

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