Romantic Getaway Trends

Today’s Lifestyle Cramps Romantic Getaway Opportunities

A recent U.S. study completed by Americans has a number of implications for Canadians who are living on an accelerated work world with increased demand on family time.  The overall conclusion was “Couples Need to Rekindle their Romance”. 

Romantic Getaway SunsetsCouples between the ages of  22-54  answered the survey crosses demographic lines and reflects couples raising children during the primary child rearing years.  Clearly couples need to start making an effort to enjoy the candlelight dinners, vacations and romantic getaways to reconnect and rekindle their romance.  couples need to find a way to plan romantic dates, vacations and spend more time alone, away from the children.

Getaway Time for Romance

This survey echos what many psychologists, sex therapists, and writers have been saying for years. The subject is often a discussion on talk shows.   Most discussion will provide a list of what needs to be done. 

Multiple Honeymoons

Sunset Romance OntarioIn most cases the solution relates back to time or  a lack of time.  Often the will to take the time to make the decision to allocate the time to romance is an afterthought.  Clearly planned time together is critical after the Honeymoon and the children.  The notion of  a second honeymoon, a third or fourth etc. on anniversary dates is always appropriate.  Many Ontario resorts and inns have couples returning for 40 or 50 years to renew their relationships and returning to favorite romantic haunts were they may have celebrated their honeymoon.  A solution is to try and make an occasion out of the smallest opportunity such as the day of the week…. as Frisky Friday, Sensuous Saturday, Sexy Sunday,  Hump Wednesday. Special dates associated with holidays or history can always add a little fun to a romantic moment like Summer Solstice etc. 

Spur of the Moment Romance

Many turnarounds in a romantic partner can be a spur of the moment suggestion while watching a sunset, having dinner, or just walking on a forest trail.  The notion of a last-minute decision of “lets go now” on that romantic road trip getaway may require some quick shuffling, however the rewards can be dramatic.

U.S. study: