Romantic Winter Getaways Tips

RomanticTrailWalkOntario Romantic Winter Holiday-Weekend Getaway Tips

With the recent early snow, imagine a warm wood burning fireplace after snowshoeing!  Glasses of wine or champagne, and snowflakes gently falling outside a steaming hot tub!  The picture perfect romantic weekend creates an almost idyllic winter setting. Be prepared for your romantic winter getaways and follow our winter tips below.

Romance in the winter—or Romancing the Snow

It is the setting for romantic couples that symbolizes love and romance. Many of the 400ELEVEN member properties have a photo portraying the perfect setting be it a couple holding hands, or two glasses being filled by a fireplace.  Romance for couples together. See our Romantic Getaway locations and packages.

The Historic Romantic Winter

Romance can also be defined in a historical sense reflecting the beauty of falling snow, a winter vista and the purifying nature of white snow.  There is the quiet of a winter evening listening to The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, that is Winter of course.  There are many more metaphors, poems, and songs that exude the romance of winter.

Top 10 Checklist for Ontario Winter Romance

1. First of all make it a surprise…this is always a good start.
2. Dining is Romance–Make dinner reservations in advance…. confirm dinner reservations the day before, order room service or buy all the groceries for the special dinner for two in the cabin or cottage.
3. Purchase Champagne or wine and preferred bedside snacks
4. Body lotions and favourite fragrances are a “must”
5. Bring your significant together “tunes”
6. Bring your own “toys”
7. Buy a romantic card (just because) with a special gift
8. Order flowers for the room, or buy in advance
9. Bring ice skates and your skis or snowshoes (hand holding is important)
10. Have a romantic night by the fire—outdoors with a camp fire, or indoors beside the fireplace

Check the top 10 Romantic Sunset locations that can be equally as nice during the winter months.

More winter romantic tips

11. Build a snowman-snowwoman and snow children
12. Don’t overdo the outdoor recreation—save your energy
13. Take a GPS and avoid arguments regarding driving directions
14. Observe winter safety tips–don’t get stuck in the snow

Romantic Winter Quotes

Taken from Adam Gopnik, Winter, Five Windows on the Season.

“The snow introduced itself–by its soft persistence and blanketing intensity”

“A love of winter vistas–a belief that they are as beautiful and seductive in their own way, and as essential to the human spirit and the human soul as any summer scene”

“The romance of winter is only possible when we have a warm, secure indoors to retreat to, and winter becomes a season to look at as much as one to live through”

“what makes winter wonderful….is this sense that you can project onto it forms of ice and snow anything you want to see”

“The winter window has two sides, one for the watcher and one for the white drifts, and the experience of winter is neither one or the other, but both at once”

“Sweet winter is the the season of intimacy, scary winter is the season of the imagination.”

Updates on Winter Events & Festivals

If you are passionate about winter and embrace outdoor sports or warm fireplaces just watching the snow fall, or want to attend a winter carnival or get weekend updates,check events and festivals or the Ontario Travel North Blog and share your winter.