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As Canadians endure continued stressful lifestyles, some individuals are turning to the ancient practice of yoga to regain some perspective. Yoga is defined as “perfect spiritual insight and tranquility” and “a system of exercises that control the body and the mind”. Yoga practices promote physical and mental well being by toning, strengthening and aligning the body while breathing to quiet, clarify and discipline the mind. The following list of inns and resorts offer retreats that combine relaxing yoga techniques with outdoor activities, breathtaking vistas and amazing food.

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Yoga Retreat: Cultivating Peace Within
September 11-12 & 18-19, 2018 | From $850 per person

Let’s face it, life is busy! Most of us are so wrapped up in our jam-packed schedules and taking care of business that we often overlook the self-care rituals that support us in establishing the inner-peace that we seek. Join our wellness team this September for a rejuvenating and invigorating two-night, three-day yoga and spa retreat. Your getaway promises to be a beautiful blend of being pampered and cared for, as well as offering a high quality, dedicated guided yoga experience. The focus of this retreat is slowing down, introspective reflection and connecting with being present in stillness.

Yoga Retreat: Attitude of Gratitude
October 9-10 & 16-17, 2018

October is traditionally a month of harvesting and giving thanks; reaping what we sow, and enjoying the fruits of our labour. This October, join our wellness team here at Ste. Anne’s to celebrate all the joys that our transformational Ontario autumn brings. The focus of our two-night, three-day yoga and meditation retreat is cultivating “an attitude of gratitude” both on, and off, our yoga mats. You will enjoy all of the luxuries that our beautiful spa offers, in addition to high quality yoga instruction. This getaway is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, including those brand new to the practice, as options and modifications are always offered.

A Journey Through the Chakras 
November 6-7 & 13-14, 2018

Chakras are an integral part of many yoga practices. The study of the chakra system helps us to become more in tune with the inner workings of our subtle energy bodies as they relate to the outer workings of our physical bodies in yoga, meditation and in everyday life. Join us this November for a three-day, two-night yoga and spa getaway geared to introduce you to the chakra system. You will be pampered by all of the luxuries that our world-class spa has to offer, in addition to high quality yoga and meditation instruction. This retreat is suitable to yoga students of all ages and abilities, including those who are brand new to a yoga practice.

Yoga Retreat: The Gift of Self-Care
December 4-5 & 11-12, 2018 | From $850 per person

This inspiring yoga and meditation retreat will offer techniques and information to create positive change in your life. Filled with opportunities to embrace nature, freshly prepared juices, smoothies and nutritious and delicious foods all designed to detox your body and mind. Ste. Anne’s Spa is a place where you can breathe deeply, sleep soundly and feel revitalized by the abundance of surrounding nature. Join us as you enjoy yoga instruction from a highly experienced instructor in a supportive environment. Our yoga retreat program is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, as options and modifications are always offered. Enjoy three days and two nights of yoga and meditation as well as complete access to our amenities.