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As Canadians endure continued stressful lifestyles, some individuals are turning to the ancient practice of yoga to regain some perspective. Yoga is defined as “perfect spiritual insight and tranquility” and “a system of exercises that control the body and the mind”. Yoga practices promote physical and mental well being by toning, strengthening and aligning the body while breathing to quiet, clarify and discipline the mind. The following list of inns and resorts offer retreats that combine relaxing yoga techniques with outdoor activities, breathtaking vistas and amazing food.

Please note all prices for packages, getaways, room rates and activities are subject to change and may not be available at the time of booking. Come back to our site often for up-to-date packages for specific time periods.

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Mantra and Movement
May 7-9 & 14-16, 2019 – From $850 per person / 2 people per room. From $925 per person / 1 person per room.

As the birds begin to sing in spring, allow yourself to be immersed in the power of sound in music and mantras. The Mantras will unite sound, body and mind to enhance your yoga experience on and off the mat. Feel the music and the beautiful sounds to move your body with ease as we recite and affirm the intentions to create the life we want.

This is a communal yoga retreat where you will share accommodation in a deluxe spa cottage, with a private room and bathroom, allowing you to reflect and focus on self-care surrounded by like-minded people. You’ll have the chance to forge new bonds and develop life-long friendships. Our yoga retreat program provides a safe and sacred space suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

This Yoga Retreat Includes (per person): 

  • Shared 2-night stay at our Farmhouse accommodation
  • $240 spa & wellness allowance• 6 yoga/meditation practices
  • 2 four-course dinners (amuse-bouche, appetizer, main and dessert)
  • 2 breakfasts (a la carte hot breakfast)
  • 3 three-course lunches (appetizer, main and dessert)
  • 3 afternoon teas
  • Outdoor hike
  • Use of a Ste. Anne’s signature robe
  • Reusable spa bag
  • Complete use of the facilities

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Northumberland Wellness Retreat & Spa

Plant Based Yoga Retreat

April 5-7, 2019   $900 per person, $1200 for couples. Saturday only $250

An empowering wellness event that will engage you with amazing leaders, sharing their stories and wisdom, providing education and leaving time for relaxation. 

Phil and Heather are an unparalleled couple with over 60 years of experience in health & wellness. “Dr.Phil” will teach you the tools you need to thrive on a plant based lifestyle. Learn easy to prepare plant based meals and how this fights disease.

Heather, owner of Hello Yoga, will guide you in a variety of yoga classes – leaving you feeling invigorated and empowered.

Spend a rejuvenating and relaxing weekend in the pristine and unspoiled rolling hills of Northumberland Heights Spa.  This elegant resort will pamper you with spa treatments, fine accommodations and a gourmet, plant based menu.

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795 Northumberland Heights Road
Cobourg, ON  K9A 4J8


(905) 372-7500


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