Ontario Winter Safety

Ontario outdoor winter sports and recreation often involve a road trip during the winter months. Don’t let the winter fun be spoiled. The following safety precautions special to winter driving, snow and ice conditions are important to put at top-of-mind to maintain that fun winter experience.

Winter Auto-Truck Checklist

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the snow somewhere without the appropriate equipment to either keep you and your family warm until help arrives or to help you get out of a snow bank on your own. So here are a few items on the must have checklist when heading north into Ontario’s winter resort destinations north of Toronto.

400 Eleven’s Winter Road Trip Checklist

  1. Small Shovel
  2. Extra Jug of Windshield Washer Fluid
  3. Bag of Sand
  4. Candle (beeswax)
  5. Matches
  6. Blanket
  7. Safety Kit
  8. Automobile Club Membership
  9. Lock De-Icer
  10. Extra Set of car Keys

Winter Sports Outdoors

If you are staying at Ontario resorts, lodges, inns and cottages the manger or operator is often your best source for the latest conditions and safety concerns.  For explorers and independent adventurers going off into remote areas or areas that do not have regular checks please let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to return.

The following offer appropriate safety regulations from the following groups:

Cross Country Skiing Safety for Secondary Schools:  Find Cross Country Ski Getaways and check with operator for trail conditions.

Downhill Skiing Responsibility Code: Helmets are the primary way of avoiding head injuries…plus other safety factors.  Find downhill ski getaways and packages.

Ice Fish Ontario:  Find Ice Fishing Getaways and check with your resort before heading out on the ice.

Ontario Parks Winter Safety: Offer good general safety ideas for outdoor winter camping enthusiasts.

Red Cross Winter Safety:  A focus on water related safety options…good reminders about dangers of water.

Skating Safety for Secondary Schools: Many figure skating associations, skating rinks and hockey clubs make today involves helmet mandatory as the danger of a concussion when hitting your head on the ice. Find resorts offering skating.

Snowmobile Safety MTO: Good advice for snowmobilers of all ages.  Find snowmobile packages and getaways