Ontario Snowmobiling Tips

BayviewWildwood-Photo23Why Try Snowmobiling?

You will discover a new winter experience and be more active and healthy during the winter months.

Discover new terrain and woodland trails that would not be accessible at any other time of the year

Enjoy the company of new friends that you meet along the way at restaurants, resorts and hotels that cater to snowmobile enthusiasts.

Enjoy the thrill of speed and fresh air while riding on your snowmobile.

See wildlife and vistas that you may not see when the trees and bush are in full foliage.



DeerhurstResort-Photo10How Do I Try Snowmobiling Without Buying One?

Many Ontario resort destinations have guided snowmobile trips, or what I like to call a snowmobile safari. A number of the 400ELEVEN provide this option to trying out snowmobiling for the first time.

Traveling for the first time with a guide and a group provides a level of control and builds confidence.

Make sure you are aware of snowmobile etiquette, including hand signals, passing on a trail, and controlling your speed.

A variety of Ontario resort destinations offer more than 30 snowmobile getaways for the expert sledders and novice snowmobilers.

I don’t want to get too cold, what should I wear for my snowmobile ride?

Actually, the preparation before your first ride includes a hearty meal so you like the snowmobile have plenty of fuel.

If you do not have access to snowmobile suits and snowmobile outerwear, make sure you layer up with appropriate long underwear, wool sweaters, and windproof pants and jackets. Helmets are mandatory, and are generally well insulated to keep your head warm. Look for a snowmobile rental with hand and thumb warmers. More information on Ontario snow and trail conditions