Ontario Road Trips

“Ontario Travel North of Toronto” prefer unstructured road trip options. We believe the fun of a road trip is discovering unexpected vistas, dining locations, side roads or an unusual looking country barn antique store.  Road trips are for exploring with friends, family or even by yourself. Well, ok maybe you should have a general idea and plan, but we recommend keeping some time alloted for unexpected things that might pop up, and not just cottage traffic, we mean fun stops for activities, pictures, stunning views, food and all kinds of good things.

Best Ontario Road Trips and Day Trips

Check out our suggested routes below. Before leaving check our Ontario Trip Ideas Blog for the most up-to-date things to do, events, festivals and attractions and getaway packages.

Romance and the Ontario Road Trip

Each week the 400ELEVEN publisher will identify a selection from special Ontario places north of Toronto….be it an attraction, lake, resort destination, festival, event or fair.  Check out this weeks Romantic Back Roads Ontario Trip, or visit our suggested road trips in alpha order, or  seasonal road trips such as fall colour road trips or spring & summer road trips.  We also have a monthly recommended road trip.  If you have a question or don’t see something you like send us an e-mail and we can offer suggestions. Your suggestions area also welcome.

Destination Road Trips

Ongoing locations for road trips north can be accessed via Highway 400, Highway 11, Highway 26, Highway 12 and Highway 60.

How to Create a Near Perfect Ontario Road Trip

1. Set a date — make the commitment

2. Plan your technology needs (camera, computer, cell, tablet AND ALL THE CHARGERS)

3. Have your route already in Google Maps (or map program) and study it before you head out

3. Don’t over plan your trip…leave flexibility for side trips

4. Make sure you bring a paper map, yes they still make those!

Road Trips In Alpha Order

Pet Pointers: Pets and road trips
A summer road trip just wouldn’t be complete without your family pet. In this edition of Pet Pointers, Lisa Chelenza has some tips for keeping your pet comfortable and safe.  The call of the open road, …See Pets on Road trips See pet friendly inns, resorts, hotels

Use our 400eleven Places map to help plan your trip or give you ideas for places to stay and things to do.