Roads to Northern Ontario

The primary travel routes going north from Toronto into cottage country are the Highway 400 and Highway 11 corridors, including highway 404 which takes you to the East side of Lake Simcoe. The Toronto-Barrie Highway 400 is the traditional travel highway north into cottage country, central Ontario, and Northern Ontario.

The Highway 11 Way
Ontario Highway 11 road trips north to attractions, events, festivals accommodation including hotels, inns, resorts, cottages north in Ontario the towns and cities easily accessible off of Highway 11 North.

Visitors to Ontario’s Travel North of Toronto (400ELEVEN) website are assured that our member properties, attractions, events and festivals are all located north of Toronto on roads heading in a due north, northwesterly or northeasterly direction. Visitors will be introduced to Ontario’s rural hospitality and world class resort destinations with some of the best valued vacation packages in the Province of Ontario. Destinations North of Toronto and in Northern Ontario overlap along a defined political boundary. However, for most visitors and tourists this is seamless and reflects the concept of borderless tourism experiences.

Thanks to John Graves Simcoe, Ontario actually has a very logical set of routes crossing the Province from north to south, and east to west. We can also thank Lord Simcoe for the Civic Long Weekend Holiday on the first Monday in August.

barrieIn reality when leaving Toronto and preceding east you have already started heading north as most or the travelers into Ontario’s Cottage Country know. The major highways into northern or north Eastern Ontario are Highway 35 to the Kawarthas, Haliburton, Central Ontario, and Algonquin Park, Highway 115, and Highway 7. Highway 7 runs all the way to Ottawa, one of the world’s most Northern capitals.

The 407 electronic toll highway takes southern Ontario residents in a North East direction towards the north end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and closer to cottage country via Highway 400 or the 404 Highway.

When proceeding west out of Toronto, you are actually proceeding south towards Lake Ontario and the American Border, unless again you are traveling on one of the north west routes of Highway 7, Highway 9, Highway 89, or Highway 26 all leading in a north westerly direction. Highway 7 actually becomes a county road going west leading to Lake Huron.

Most of the above north west highways will cross Highways 10, Airport Road, Highway 6, all providing a more northerly route into the Collingwood, Bruce Peninsula areas of the Province.

You will find various off the main road recommendations for touring routes the province during the fall colour season, and at various times of year depending on events or festivals taking place in the Province.