Ontario Road Trip Travel Tips

The Ontario Spring season, or Sweet Season has just started with the many maple syrup farms and festivals. The Ontario Summer season is fast approaching in the many resort destinations north of Toronto. The time is right for a spur of the moment road trip. April, May and June can be the most enjoyable as the roads are less crowded. Summer travel can be a colorful experience.

Depending on the length of the road trip sitting in your vehicle for long periods of time is not good for your circulation. The combination of a sedentary drive and only eating fast foods,is not healthy, especially for the elderly.

When you’re on the road, don’t leave fitness at home. Take regular breaks to walk explore, bike, hike and play along the way. Bend over and look closely at the spring and summer vegetation. Physical activity is not only good for your heart, but also helps drivers feel more alert and makes kids less restless, calmer and more likely to sleep well. Challenge the kids to a scavenger hunt for the best looking rock.

  • Explore a roadside attraction with picnic tables beside a river or stream
  • Plan to hike a nature trail, take the appropriate shoes, extra pants, hat, sun screen
  • Bring your bikes—mountain bikes for off road riding can be refreshing
  • Look into public beaches, or lakeside walking trails not too far from the major highways
  • Take a camera, extra batteries, extra discs—you don’t want to miss the perfect fall family travel shot
  • Take your binoculars as there are many birding and wildlife viewing opportunities in the spring before the foliage fills in along the roadside or simply
  • Bring plastic bags in case you want to take home souvenir rocks, or twigs
  • Stop at a travel information centre and make sure you have the local maps to keep you on track during your fall foliage tour
  • Take bottles of water to avoid dehydration
  • Try some local foods and produce at a farmers’ market, or country fair not just fast foods
  • For the kids take a football, soccer ball, balls and gloves, butterfly net
  • Don’t forget the windshield washer, to get rid of all of the splats on the windshield.(spring and summer can be the worst time for insects) see. www.buzzkill.com

Ontario Spring Summer Drives


Plan in advance to get the most out of your romantic getaway package or family summer vacation package on your spring and summer road trips north of Toronto Ontario Canada.

Use our 400 Eleven Places Map for day trip and road trips ideas.