Barrie Gridlock

Twenty Ways of Beating Barrie Gridlock

Going to or coming from Cottage Country for the road warrior heading north for the weekend or returning to Toronto s GTA, there is nothing more frustrating then the stop and go.

Sometimes quality time can be spent in the car, however this can only last for a short time with screaming kids.  Lake Simcoe and specifically Kempenfelt Bay is closer to Highway 400 or Highway 11 than you think. We give you two options.

Option 1: Going around Barrie
Option 2: Stopping and Enjoying Barrie

Option 1: Going around Barrie

Advance planning and avoiding Barrie altogether will take you out of your way a bit but will almost guarantee that you keep moving and not get tied up in a Friday or Sunday afternoon gridlock which usually occurs up to the change from Highway 400 to Highway 11 when you are heading north or anywhere on Highway 11 or Highway 400 when you are heading South.

Heading North on Highway 400:
Get over to several possible side roads to the west of Highway 400 at your first possible exit. You need to get over to Highway 27 and depending on your destination be it via Highway 400 get to Highway 90 west go north on George Johnson Road to Highway 26, proceed west to Collingwood and turn right at the Horseshoe Valley Road wihich will take you up to Highway 400.

Heading North on Highway 11:
If you are going north on Highway 11, it is best to go into Barrie and get off at Innisfil Beach Road which will take you to the 10th Side Road or further on to Highway 11 where you turn left. There are a number of significant signs in yellow that will lead you to entrances and exits throughout the City of Barrie. Watch for the EDR signs in Yellow with directional arrows.

OLD Highway 11 around Barrie by the Lakeshore:
The old Highway 11 is really Yonge Street from Stroud to Barrie and intersects the Innisfil Beach Road, which changes to Burton Avenue. Go East either at Highway 89, or the Innisfil Beach Road to the 10 Sideroad and turn left to Barrie. Which will bring you into Barrie at Minets Point and Yonge Street. Travel around the lake via Lakeshore Drive to Blake Street which changes to Penetanguishene Road Highway 93 North, eventually leading you to Highway 11, and just past Craighurst Highway 400 North. You can also try the Shanty Bay Road which again by sticking close to Lake via the Ridge Road will take you up to Orillia.

Option 2: Barrie Stop and Shop, Eat and Drink

There are excellent dining facilities my favorite being Arabesque (Middle East), Tara (Indian), McReily’s Pub, Café Cappuccino, a Hooters Restaurant-Pub, 3 significant movie theatres, a fabulous walking, cycling trail & wildflowers trail in and around Kempenfelt Bay on the Barrie Waterfront. Centennial Beach is perfect for families with playground equipment for the kids, 4 major shopping areas, one off of Mapleview Drive south end; one shopping area North on Bayfield, and Downtown Barrie South on Bayfield, the fourth is along Young street or old Highway 11. from Minets Point to Big Bay Point Drive.

Summer Picks
Serendipity Cruise around Kempenfelt Bay, several spas, beer and liquor stores, beaches and waterfront recreation. So get off Highway 400 in Barrie, and relax you may even want to stay over at the 400ELEVEN featured hotels & accommodation—you will enjoy the trip even more, and in turn you may find yourself moving to Barrie, to be that one step closer to cottage country.Once you have decided your escape re-join 400 Highway North, or Highway 11 North for your Ontario travel road trip.

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