Haliburton Fish Hatchery Tour

Only in Haliburton? Gold You Say!

My guide, Patrick Good is one of Haliburton’s most enthusiastic fishermen and is on his way to becoming a wildlife expert as a student at Fleming College.

Patrick started volunteering with the Outdoors Association as a cottager when he was 10 years old. He is now working in his second year as a full time summer employee at the hatchery.

After viewing the various species in the long rectangular fish tubs, we go back into the exhibit area. “It is about the golden eggs”, says Patrick as he is pointing to the fish life cycle exhibit in the hatchery. A bunch of larger than average golden fish eggs are the reason for the naming of the Haliburton Lake Trout.

The Golden Lake Trout also known as Haliburton Lake Trout is one of the wonders of the evolutionary process of a specific type of Lake Trout found only in five lakes in Haliburton County. Research into maintaining the species is one of the major objectives at the Haliburton Ontario Fish Hatchery operated by the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association working in conjunction with the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Natural Resources. Opened in 2000, the hatchery provides informative tours explaining the types of fish, the process involved in stocking fish in Haliburton County. This is one of the hidden tourist attractions that every vistitor to Haliburton should visit. It is great for both the kids (over 6) and adults as the centre offers natural history about fishing, has displays of animals such as bears, coyotes, and other animals that are part of the natural food chain. A very eco friendly location.

Not only is Patrick an avid conservationist, he has first hand tips and information about fishing the the Haliburton waters for the Golden Lake Trout.

More information on the Haliburton Outdoors Association. (705) 457-9664 hhoa@on.aibn.com