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Ontario – A Resort Destination?

When International travelers or tourists think of Canada and Ontario in particular many would say Ontario is one large resort destination with freshwater lakes, rivers and open spaces everywhere. When one travels north of Toronto this resort destination reality becomes clearer.



Ontario is a Romantic Destination

Romance can be measured with adventure, intimacy, sunsets, stealing a kiss, weekend getaways, a road trip or week long vacations. Driving north on this virtual website starts with Highway 400 and will lead you to a number of romantic romantic getaways, road trip options, and glorious sunsets.

Highway Signs 400 and 11

Diverse Travel & Resort Destinations North in Ontario

Ontario Canada is one of the largest and most diverse geographic destinations in North America, touching on the fresh water Great Lakes in the South, to the salt water James and Hudson Bays in the north. Fishing in Ontario Canada has great advantages with the many thousand lakes and 100’s of species to choose from. You should familiarize yourself with the Ontario Fishing regulations for 2005/6.Ontario weather varies by region and current weather resources should be checked before travel, especially during the winter months. If you are traveling north form Toronto, this link to Highway 400 weather up to Moonstone in Simcoe County will get you started. An Ontario Map dividing both northern and Southern Ontario can be found at Ontario Map Link here, or you can pick one up at one of the many travel information centres throughout the Province available at various border points or on major roads north of Toronto. A Canada Vacation north in Ontario will be remembered.

One of the first major stops North of Toronto should be the Highway 400 Travel Information Centre, at Molson Park Drive in Barrie. You can stock up on travel brochures, travel maps, destination area travel publications, attraction brochures, accommodation brochures on resorts, hotels, motels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts and you can get an update on the many events throughout the Province of Ontario.

The staff at the Centre is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about travel in the Province of Ontario, and many have graduated from Travel and Tourism programs.

As Highway 400 and Highway 11 are the major routes north, we are accumulating 411 Ontario place to go, places to see that should be on everyone’s list of favorites. We start with 411 Ontario’s A+ list of favorites.

The junction of Highway 400 and Highway 11 is just a few kilometers north of the Barrie Travel Information Centre.

This is the gateway to Ontario’s Cottage Country, and Northern Ontario.

This is a good “hub” to explore going north, northeast, and northwest. In fact this access point leads all the way to the Manitoba border, should you really like to make your travel destination an exciting experience along the Trans Canada Highway.

There are a number of travel and tour routes throughout Ontario starting from the Highway 400 & Highway 11 hub that will lead back to the Greater Toronto area, while providing an exciting day-trip getaway through the Ontario countryside.

We are also developing Ontario tour and travel routes where overnight accommodation is required. Travel times and approximate travel distance along with accommodation links will help you plan ahead and make appropriate travel arrangements

We are expanding the travel options along many of the favorite routes by providing examples of seasonal events and activities that take place in rural Ontario, and Ontario’s Cottage Country.